How to Brand Your Email Signature

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One of my colleagues, Maria Duron, posted information on Facebook about Wisestamp. You can go to and download a free version for your Firefox browser. At this writing, it is not supported on all email platforms, but is supported on many of the major platforms (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and Hotmail).

3 Reasons to Use WiseStamp in Your Email Signatures

1.     You can include links to your social media platforms where you are active (they have 40+ social media platforms) and IM profiles.

2.     You can enter your blog’s RSS feed. As you see below, my signature includes the four social media platforms where I have an active presence. The “Career Design Coach’s Blog” includes a link to read the most current blog post. When I publish a new blog post, the link is automatically changed to the new URL and title.

3.     WiseStamp now offers an Email Apps Gallery that includes Twitter, StumbleUpon, Disclaimer, and more. The Twitter app shows your latest tweet, StumbleUpon lets you share your recent stumbled web page, and the Disclaimer app lets you add a disclaimer at the bottom of your sent emails.

As you are building your personal brand across social media, Wisestamp provides an excellent tool to brand your email signature. It supports HTML, so you can use a tool such as and “sign” your email with either your own signature (fee for this option) or with a font that you choose that most closely resembles your signature. I also use the “My Live Signature” to “sign” my blog posts. You can see in the picture below how my email signature currently appears. I use the signature HTML at the end of my blog posts on Career Design Coach to sign my name.

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 How to Brand Your Email Signature
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  1. Hello Kristen thanks for the tips. I used to use WiseStamp but found it clutters my email a bit too much so have gone back to my old school signature. Maybe time for a rethink…

    • Hi Jorgen,

      You will want to pick and choose since they do have so many possibilities. I found having links to my main social media platforms, my book, and my latest blog post seems to be the right combination for me. According to my Google Analytics, some of my blog traffic comes from my email.

      Take care,


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