Are You ‘Vizible’ in Your Job Search? (affiliate link) or (regular link) is a relatively new tool that can literally raise your visibility with the Google results that best demonstrate your skills and expertise. If you have a common name (i.e. Bob Smith), sit up and pay attention. This tool can help you show the results that are only applicable to you! The bonus? You can rank order the results (up to 5), showcasing the results that boost your personal brand.

First of all, have you Googled yourself? I have been doing speeches in universities and schools and am always surprised at the low percentage of people who raise their hand when I ask this question. The best way to Google yourself is to use quotation marks (i.e. “Kristen Jacoway”). I wrote an article about the importance of Googling in an earlier article, “3 Action Steps to Stand Apart from Your Competition.

Using Vizibility is really quite simple. You simply enter your first and last name, companies where you’ve worked, and click “Get Vizibility.”

VIZIBILITY 300x143 Are You ‘Vizible’ in Your Job Search?

The next page will bring up the Google results found on your name. The feature that I appreciate the most is you can remove listings that are not about you and you can rank order up to 5 results to show up on your “Google Me” badge that Vizibility will generate. Click the star picture and select the rank order you want the result to appear.

VIZIBILITY 2 300x106 Are You ‘Vizible’ in Your Job Search?

Once you’ve selected the top 5 results, then click “Save and Get Button.” You will then create your Search Me account where you customize your Vizibility URL (mine is – I recommend you try to get your name as the URL if possible). Where might you use this Vizibility vanity URL? You could use it on your LinkedIn profile (see the article, “4 Tips to Take Your LinkedIn profile from Good to Great“), your Twitter profile, and more. When someone goes to your Vizibility vanity URL, they will see your selected Top 5 Google results:

VIZIBILITY 3 300x182 Are You ‘Vizible’ in Your Job Search?

Vizibility helps you define the results that best exemplify your personal brand. You can even get a badge (VIZIBILITY 4 Are You ‘Vizible’ in Your Job Search?) for your website as it will generate the html code. Remember, most employers and recruiters will Google potential candidates – use Vizibility to create accurate results and produce a dynamic first impression.

This article first appeared in Classroom to Cubicle online magazine

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