I’m in a Job Search — Now What???

In the book, ‘I’m in a Job Search–Now What???’ you will have a step-by-step guide for the job searching process. The book not only covers job searching strategies, but additionally gives information on how to be in a continuous process of career management. No longer are people climbing ladders in employment. Instead, they are on a ramp and need to constantly make strides to progress and maintain their position.

The book provides 100+ resources and tips to guide you through the job searching process to help you stand apart from your competition. Included in the book:

  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Branding
  • Five strategies for building visibility on Google to accelerate your job search since recruiters, employers, and companies Google potential candidates prior to contacting them for an interview.
  • Using Social Media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) in the job search process
  • Interview with Erin Blaskie on how to develop compelling content and capture quality videos for the new, emerging platform for video biographies, Google visibility, etc.
  • Interview with Jeff Lipschultz, Principal at A-List Solutions and a recruiter, on tips for working with recruiters, getting your resume’ to the top of the pile, etc.
  • Developing a targeted list of companies where to work
  • Research tools to help in interviewing
  • Interview strategies, including the questions you want to research BEFORE an interview to stand out in the interview process
  • Networking
  • Tips on how to customize your resume’ for different positions to demonstrate to the employer why YOU are the best fit for the position
  • and much, much more!

From the Back Cover

“Differentiation is absolutely essential in today’s competitive job market, and Kristen Jacoway’s book provides practical strategies for setting yourself apart and attracting the attention of hiring managers. In ‘I’m in a Job Search–Now What???,’ Jacoway reminds us that career success today requires understanding your personal brand and integrating that brand into everything you do. ~William Arruda

“Looking for a job? In transition? If you need a fast, easy-to-read, informative guide to achieve your career search goals, Kristen Jacoway’s ‘I’m in a Job Search–Now What???’ is a great place to start. Information-packed with plenty of exercises to jumpstart your job search, it serves as a valuable reference guide–both for those just starting out and for seasoned careerists. With its overview of personal branding, social media, and job search strategies and resources, it can serve as your central hub for planning and executing a search that works for you.

“‘…career management is a ramp and not a ladder where you can stop and rest for a bit.’ And this is exactly why Kristen’s book is such a great read. It fosters the mindset of perpetual motion in proactively managing your career. Created in workbook form so you can make notes, follow the steps, and complete goals, candidates can quickly and effectively launch a balanced search strategy. The SWOT analysis for leveraging company research is well worth the purchase price!” Cindy Kraft, CFO-Coach, Executive Essentials, Tampa, FL, USA

“‘I’m in a Job Search–Now What???’ is a must for every professional looking to accelerate their job search and generate serious results. Kristen uses engaging exercises to coach you through an otherwise challenging process so you can customize the plan for your unique situation. As a Personal Branding Strategist, Kristen will help you identify a competitive branding message and coach you on the use of social media to connect you with industry experts and targeted employers. Not only will this high-impact duo help deliver immediate results, but these strategies will help you implement long-term career management and resiliency strategies that will benefit your career for years to come.

Kristen Jacoway’s‘I’m in a Job Search–Now What???’provides a clear step-by-step process for managing your job search. It not only provides great information about clarifying your personal brand, your online identity, your career marketing materials, social media and online networking, but also includes exercises to help you start applying the learning and taking action right away. A great book for the job seeker looking to embrace the power of the online world to accelerate their job search.